Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Updates

Hello Everyone.
I just finally typed up my entry about Terra Madre and Italy experiences. The post is a few entries below, just scroll down. I also typed up some random rants about my time In Thailand that are the two entries below.
I am currently uploading and organizing pictures on flickr. Click the link to the right to see my photos. I haver loosely organized by category so it should be easier.

Visit www.punpunthailand.com to read about the community where I just did an internship in green building and seed saving (or part of the internship).
Visit http://www.jokonan.org/articles.php?id=13 to learn about the group I was just with for a week. It may have been the highlight of my trip. They are an amazing seed saving and social action group with youth groups, farmer trainings on breeding and seed selection, courses with aids patients on self sufficiency, farmer field schools, farmer networks, micro-credit, community forests, fish sanctuaries, rice diversity, festivals, and much more. there are pictures on flickr.
Also, I added many link on the side of this blog page to random seed articles or websites and articles of groups I have been with on this journey. The size and scope of the seed saving movement in unbelievable. Search the web or talk to farmers around the world and you will constantly be referred to another group, movement, or article.
Thats all for now, Im finishing my three month report and will post soon.
Long live Local Seeds! Long live our agricultural diversity! Preserve our ability to survive on this earth and live in vibrant self relaint communites and cultures!!
All my love,

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