Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodbye to my friends in Choppca

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My last day in Choppca I went to large festival with some of my friends from the village. As always I was the center of attention, being the only white guy in a crowd of thousands. We watched the horse races (suprisingly dangerous - as the horses run into the crowd and some people get trampled) and talked about their different potatoes one last time. I am incredibly inspired by their pride for their local culture and crop diversity. Once again I see how directly linked native crops and agricultural bioodiversity are with culture. Although Im getting exhausted of travelling, these people filed me with hope and joy again by feeding me, laughing with me, showing offf their potatoes, and teaching me the benefits of growing such an obscene diversity of potatoes, Oca, Ulluco, Quinoa, wheat, oats, fava beans, and more. Each farmer has a different story to tell, a different lesson to teach me, or a different colored potato for me to try! I will miss these people.

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