Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Peru Update

Hello Everybody.
Thanks again for your interest and for reading or looking at my photos. Although I cant check my email too often and dont have time to respond - I love hearing comments from any of you. My email is forbesfarmer@yahoo.com
I have now been away just about 9 months and am currently working on my 9 month report. I will post it here soon.
Below I pasted two journal entries from before. Sorry things are out of order on the blog now, but if you scroll down you can see some photos from Peru and Canada. There are many more on flickr if you want.

All is generally well here. Its been confusing times and Im continually adjusting to new challenges. Sometimes I feel so sick of travelling and frustrated but I usually cheer up the next day by visiting a market, eating a good local meal on the street, searching for some seeds (I have a USDA Import permit now), or visiting farmers. Language is a continuous problem, but I can understand the basics in Spanish. I have also visited with some amazing NGO's, companies or government groups who speak english or slow spanish for me. The native crop diversity here is truly incredible and I have been trying to taste every dish possible from the myried of potatoes, oca, ulluco, quinua, kiwicha, kanihua, tamarillo and many other wacky fruits.
I took a week off "research" (if thats even what you can call it) to trek to Machu Pichu. It was weird being around so many other tourists, but our trek was wonderful and macchu pichu is all its built up to be. The intricate and immense stone work is truly unparalleled. Also, I was blown away by their terraces, irrigation systems, and complex astronomical knowledge. Machu Pichu is truly sacred place and it is mind blowing to imagine how they built this city so perfectly, and how everything was chosen to fit in with the surrounding mountains and sun/ moon cycles. Maybe I will write more about that later.
Tonight I begin two days of buses and then I enter a rural area in the Central Andes where there is an immense amount of potato diversity. Im excited to get back to farms and will have 1 or even 2 translators (haha)!
Hope you all are well.

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