Monday, June 22, 2009

Past Poem

I just came across this poem I wrote in Ethiopia and months later I like it. Thought I would share it here.

A Night in Addis

A man travellin' alone gets to thinkin'
He thinks about things he never thought of before.
He thinks about the rich and the poor,
why some will kill for more
while others are happy to have none.
He thinks about sex, prostitutes, and love in all its forms
About starvation and deforestation.

The man sees beautiful mountains and tastes sweet food.
Why do some win and others lose?
Why do we destroy all we have and continue to fight over whats left?
He thinks so much that he cant think anymore
and he decides to just put one foot in front of the other.
Soon, there's less good and less bad.
There's just the feel of a bed after a long day, the joy in music, and the smile on a hungry childs face
The thinking persists in some form until he doesn't see faces on the street anymore.
He sees the human spirit in all its ugliness and beauty.

Death continues, men fight, seeds are sown, lovers roll in bed
The rich buy 5 dollar beers while the poor fight for 5 cent bread
All the while, the human spirirt shines bright -
filled with choice and hope for the future.
A man gets to feelin all that really matters is a full stomach, a healthy body, smiles, and love in its many forms
He lusts for his family, friends, and a connection to the land.
His lust turns to understanding and all of a sudden theres fewer questions than before.
One foot must go in front of the other and each step illuminates the next
Joy lies somewhere in between the 5 dollar beer and 5 cent bread

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Devin Eckert said...

Today I give thanks for my full stomach, healthy body, smiles, and love in its many forms. Loooove you.