Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Me in a local Tala House with Farmer Friends

This is me drinking some local tala with farmer friends. Tala is a beer of sorts made from sorghum, millet, sprouted barley, and gesho (a native plants which aid in fermentatin).
Many farmers make tala in their house and grow specific varieties of barley or finger millet that is best for brewing.
Local alcohol seems to be an essential part of life around the world. Tala is the best Ive tried yet - the process is difficult, but is sure is cheap and tasty!


The Beneficial Bee said...

I'm happy to have found your interesting blog! My husband is doing a small presentation about seed saving and I'm sure he will be fascinated by all of your work! Thank you.

francesca said...

Hallo Adam,

a friend wrote to Dario:

Dear friends,
> I am greatly distressed over the new bills the House is trying to push
> through Congress, backed by Monsanto. They are trying to outlaw organic
> food and heritage seeds quickly, before anyone can notice so that all we
> will be left with is chemically sprayed and engineered foods which produce
> no seed and have to be repurchased year over year. I beg you to please call
> your senators and the office of the president, as well as leave letters of
> protest on the contact form at . We
> only have about a week to respond.
> Here's some fast videos on the subject. There are many others and other
> links provided there.


hope everything's fine!