Saturday, May 9, 2009

Diversity given to me

This picture is of some of the astounding diversity given to me by proud farmers as a gift. Much of it I cant bring back into the states, so I took some pictures to remember.
Included here are potatoes, oca, ulluco, amaranth, Quinua, faba beans, Aji, Rocotto, and Nuna beans.
Beautiful huh


Chris said...

I don't know if you saw my earlier comment, but if not, allow me to reiterate: When are you going to be in Greece? I am next door in Turkey and should be here all summer.

I just started doing some weekend work on a small organic farm in a village outside of Ankara. Some friends are trying to start an eco-village and are practicing their farming skills on an unused piece of land in a beautiful valley filled with ancient cave homes.

- Chris Wohlers

Adam Forbes said...

Hey Chris.
Its great to hear from you. Im happy we are neighbors and Id love to see you in Turkey. I am thinking about going to Turkey as one last adventure - I just have to see if I have time.
This would be a lot easier if I had your email. I have no idea how to contact you!
Hope your happy

Adam Forbes said...

oh, I forgot to say. Im in greece now. If you want to come at all, Id love it. I will be staying with a seed saving group in the north, not too far from turkey!