Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello Everybody.
I have posted my photos from my last week in Peru to flickr. You can access through the link on the right. I also just discovered you can click on photos on my blog to enlarge them.
Thanks for those who have emailed me and dont hesitate to write with any questions or comments. Im sorry if I dont write back sooner. My email is

Soo, I have left Peru and am currently settling into life in Greece. There is sooo much I could tell and I hope to organize my thoughts today and write more soon. My last week or so in Peru was spent touring Quinua fields, eating my way through markets, chatting with as many old women as possible, going to agricultural festivals, and viting the International Potato Center. Each day was packed and I am happy to end my Peruvian adventure on such a high note. Even three hours before my plane I was eating Quinua and Apple Juice, and boiled potatoes on the street. As always it was whirlwind trip from Peru and I was filled with a mix of emotions - excited for Greece, but very sad to leave Peru (its people, the Quinua, the potatoes, and of course the magical Andes)

I am currently on a beautiful Island called Ikaria in Greece. The scenery in stunning and I am taking some language classes to learn basic Greek. The food is wonderful and it is a very rugged island which has resisted much of the development in the rest of Greece. Nonetheless, it is a bit of a hard transition for me to be in a developed country. I miss Peru and am continually shocked by the price of things here, stylish clothes, abandoned farm fields, etc. Most people dont get what Im studying and people do not all greet each other on the street and chat like in the Andes. In Peru, many times I had to turn down countless invitations by farmers or villagers for dinner, work, or tea. Now, Im just another nameless tourist in Greece.
I will write more when Im a little more settled or less confused I guess.
I hope you all are well and are resisting the swine flu and economic collapse.
Keep smiling and know that anything is possible in this world!!

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